The 70's with Steve Goddard 
7-10PM Saturday

Lite Rock 95.9 & Steve Goddard take you back to the 70′s each Saturday night with a music blend that highlights artists and groups of the 70s, complete with background about the artists and the stories behind their hits.

Throughout Steve's career, he's collected a lot of memorabilia and interviewed a lot of people. Steve has been working in and around music since age 16 and has had the opportunity to collect over 90,000 records, not to mention CD’s, and miles and miles and miles of taped interviews and studio outtakes.

Now, Lite Rock 95.9 & Steve share this lifetime of collecting with you. You don’t need to search it out, clean it up, organize it, categorize it, and build shelves for it, you just need to listen. It's all ready for you, Saturday nights, on Lite Rock 95.9.

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