Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Jeremy Hawkins

Jeremy_On-Air-TemplateAfternoons on Lite Rock 95.9.

Join Jeremy Hawkins as he plays all of your favorite fun and upbeat hits here on Lite Rock 95.9, weekday afternoons from 2 to 7. From his humble beginnings picking up a part time job as a kid in Alabama all the way to now, one thing has stayed constant. Radio. Jeremy started out with a small station before going on to others and finding his real home at Light Rock 95.9. Happy to play all your favorite fun and upbeat hits, Jeremy also enjoys sharing a good laugh and a story too.

Want to know more about Jeremy?

1. What’s in your CD player or on your personal playlist right now?  Well to be honest. My CD player in my vehicle stopped working. The CD stuck in there is Kid Rock. It still plays but I can’t get the CD out.. radio it is!

2. What’s your favorite movie? Vacation with Chevy Chase. Still makes me laugh. And Christmas Vacation at Christmas every year. Tradition

3. What do you watch on T.V.? Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Nascar racing, baseball, Dexter, Walking Dead

4. Where are you most likely to be spotted around Cookeville? Heading down Willow from the 40.. I’m a Sam’s Club addict and buy in bulk..

5. What are your top three favorite foods? Steak on the grill, any seafood..love oysters!, pot roast with taters and carrots always a favorite too.

6. You’re going to the movies. What are you getting at the concession stand?  I want just about everything but usually end up with just some popcorn.(layer the butter) and a coke… coke icee if they have it.

7. Do you have pets?Yes. Avery is a 5 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix rescued from Las Vegas and Dexter is a 2 year old Min Pin/Dachshund mix.. Doxie-pin they call them.  He was a stray in South Carolina before he came to us. Both are spoiled rotten.

8. What made you want to work in radio? Never thought of it as a kid but at age 16 I was recovering from a motorcycle accident that left me with a broken leg.  I signed up for a occupational class at school and needed a part time job. Not easy to find on crutches, but my mom suggested the radio station.  I got a job at the local station and 26 years later I’m still doing it and love it.  Thanks Mom!

9. What was your first job? That’s it. That small radio station in Alabama when I was 16.  $3.35 an hour. By the way, I’m now the voice of that station. I do the ID’s and identifiers for the station.  Mom likes hearing me on there everyday now.

10. Can you picture yourself with a different career, if so – what?  A drummer in a band would be fun.  I’ve played for years and still enjoy it a bunch.  Guess music is just in my blood…

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